ALI starts from the all-encompassing principle of “inclusion”,
applied to services for users and organisations


Translations, Interpreting, Pre-editing and Post-editing, intra/interlinguistic Subtitling, Revision


Audio description, Audio introductions, Surtitling, tactile and multisensory Workshops.


Methods, tools and technologies to efficiently prepare to work.


“The Opera is theater, theater in music, and music in the Opera is created to emphasize and intensify the various moments of dramatic action, to create an emotional atmosphere that surrounds and defines the performance on stage.
The blind, who are so receptive to appreciating the values of music, are often forced and to give up on an essential component of the opera performance: the performance itself.
The “InclusivOpera” project, to which Museo Omero contributes on the technical level with great enthusiasm, recognized this problem and is seeking to find solutions by bringing into play creativity, expertise, organizational commitment and a lot of passion.”
Prof. Aldo Grassini, President of the Museo Tattile Statale Omero

“Globalization and constant technological progress have led to a radical change in the translation and localization market. In this complex and ever-changing scenario,
characterized by an increasing demand for advanced translation technology and new translation skills, the need for highlyspecialized training is more evident than ever.
In this context, ALI’s translation training courses represent an important opportunity for anyone wishing to acquire the necessary skills to succeed
in this business environment full of new possibilities.”
Luisa Bentivogli, Researcher at the Bruno Kessler Foundation, department of Automated Translation

“Today more than ever, a theater needs to be the expression of its community. A privileged place for meeting and discussion. An open and inclusive public service that puts the person at the center.
At the Macerata Opera Festival, the InclusivOpera project, coordinated by Elena Di Giovanni and now supported by ALI’s expertise, has been able to synthesize year after year all these values
into participatory experiences that enrich us all. Together.”
Luciano Messi, Supervisor of the Association Arena Sferisterio

“Let me thank ALI’s excellent organization for being able to deal with such a complex and controversial topic like Machine Translation.
They managed to put the right emphasis on different aspects, thanks to authoritative speakers from different fields (from the academic world to high-profile professionals) who gave
a comprehensive overview on the evolution of MT as well as very interesting insights.
A special mention to the final part in which Francesca Raffi involved all participants in apractical and interactive work to sum up the experience.
Milena Spelta Parenti, Key Account Manager at DEMA Solutions 4LSCS